General requirements

Peer-Review Guidelines

General requirements for manuscripts, proposed for publication
in the «Far Eastern Affairs» Journal

The editorial staff accepts for consideration previously unpublished only manuscripts including articles, translations, documentary sources, surveys, reviews, etc.

Sent materials should be in conformity with journal’s profile (economics, history, foreign and domestic policies of China, Japan, the States of the Korean Peninsula, other Asia-Pacific countries and the Russian Far East); to reflect the personal contribution of the author in the development of scientific problem; to have scientific relevance and novelty; to conform to journal’s technical requirements for submission of manuscripts.

Upon compliance with all requirements the proposed manuscripts may be considered by the editorial staff for publication and sent for peer-review and further consideration to the Editorial Board which makes final decision.

The average term for editorial processing of a manuscript (in case of positive decision) is 4 to 6 months starting from the date of its receipt.

All articles are published free of charge.

Peer-Review Guidelines

All articles submitted to “Far Eastern Affairs” Journal are reviewed for their expert evaluation.

The Editor-in-Chief or his deputies shall determine the conformity of articles to the journal’s profile, requirements for registration and send it to the reviewing specialist, doctor or candidate of sciences who possessed expertise on the subject of the reviewed article.

Reviewers should not disclose information about the articles submitted to them for review.

Their review should reflect:

— the contents of the articles stated in the title;

— the relevance and scientific novelty of the article;

— the appropriateness of publishing article with the literature previously released on the subject;

— disadvantages of peer-reviewed article that require the author make corrections and/or additions.

Terms of reviewing in each case are determined by the editors with the view of creating conditions for maximum rapid publication of articles.

In case of rejection the Editorial Board sends the author a reasoned refusal. The article not recommended by reviewer for publication is not re-reviewed. The text of the review or reasoned refusal to publish are to be sent to authors upon their request.

The editorial staff sends copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon its request.

Reviews are kept in editorial office for five years.

Technical requirements for submission of manuscripts

  1. The manuscript should be sent to the journal’s e-mail address:
  2. A recommended article length is around 40000 characters; the text of manuscript should be proofread and signed by the author.
  3. The manuscript should contain: the English title of the article; a summary in the English language (about 600 words) where article’s problem, purpose, object should be; keywords in English language (8-10 words); information about the author in the English language (Full name, scientific degrees, rank, affiliation (University/ Organization, department, position, city, country, postal address), e-mail).
  4. Complete bibliographical references should be included in the end of the manuscript.